Want to know what my clients think?

Don't just take my word for the quality of my work. Here's what my lovely customers have to say about me and the work I do....

"Not sure what I'd do without you!"

My daughter and I get very frustrated you cannot buy clothes off of the pe​g which fit to our liking!

Whenever something does not fit I think of Sara as she can make something fit properly and makes the whole scenario less stressful as you know by the end you will have a garment you can wear rather than throwing or giving it away.

Sara is “simply the best”, it's hassle & stress free and she always takes on what ever job is given to her.

Its always a pleasure to visit Sara! She is a lovely, happy, bubbly character who lifts your spirit. Sara has always taken

on every single job I have given her and produced wonderful results. Thank you so much, not quite sure what I would do without you!

N.M. - Arborfield